Breathe 1st Principles

Breathe 1st Principles

6 Lessons

About this course

The Breathe 1st Principles Course is a 6 week program. It provides you with all the information and practices necessary for you to restore the function of your lungs and create a foundation for cardio-respiratory performance for life and athleticism.

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Warning - important message, please read carefully:

Always do the breathing exercises in a safe environment  - never in a car, driving machinery or before swimming. 

Do not practice the exercises during pregnancy or with epilepsy. 
 Always have your medication at hand should you experience an anxiety or asthma attack during the program at any stage.
Follow your doctors orders regarding medication. I am not a medic and do not provide medical advice. Persons with cardiovascular health issues, or any other (serious) health conditions, should always consult a medical doctor before starting the Breathe: 1st Principles Program.