“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances,
the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself”.

- Jim Rohn

Leo Daniel Ryan - The Health Performance Coach


I am Leo Daniel and I help people reach their health performance goals. I have coached hundreds of people to optimise their health and feel fantastic. I specialise in lifestyle practices like breathing foundations and performance, movement and athletic performance and personal development.

My life now is one of absolute health and fulfillment, but it wasn't always going to be that way!

This is the story of how the Health Performance Coach came to be...

Sport and Sickness

My childhood was dominated by two things: Sport and Sickness. But by the age of 17, my asthma was so bad I could no longer play the sport I loved. To manage my ill health I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs, including: 3 inhalers a day, 12 courses of antibiotics and 425 prednisolone tablets in just 14 months.

Eventually my doctor told me that there was nothing more that could be done for me. It was a wake up call and I set off to prove him wrong...

Taking Responsibility for My Health

With no other options offered from the medical experts, I realised that I needed to take responsibility for my own health. First, I discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method and trained every day for 6 months. Then, with a renewed focus on nutrition and physical exercise. I experienced a dramatic change and with the guidance of a Respiratory Consultant I was able to come off all medications and return to sport – woohooo!

Leo Daniel Ryan

During this process I learned something really powerful: my asthma was a part of my body’s defence mechanism.

My asthma was protecting me from death and from leading a really crummy life – one I didn’t want anyway! Did you know there were no known reports of death from asthma pre - 1900?

Once I had recovered my ability to breathe I embarked on a life-long pursuit of health and happiness.  I wanted to experience more health and coach what I knew to the world.

A Lifetime of Learning & Joy

Sports Coaching

I dove deep into academia, taking on a diploma, degree and masters degree in Sports Management, from University College Dublin. Left, unsatisfied with the answers to health, I continued this thirst for knowledge...

In the last 15 years I gained experience as a coach, a teacher and a therapist in many health disciplines. I earned certificates in personal training, stretch therapy, pilates, strength, conditioning and in many breathing techniques.

A highlight for me was earning a  Diploma in Buteyko Breathing, the very practice that helped me in the first place, and working with the world famous Irish Strength Institute. Here I worked with elite strength and conditioning coaches John Connors, Eoin Lacey and their team. I began to hone my skills as a coach and continued to educate myself through books, internships and online courses. I learned from doctors and field experts such as Ian King, Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks and so many more.

 I was obsessed with health, life and Joy.   

Inspired by such phenomenal human beings and personal experience I continually seek experiences of health and joy in my life as well as coach it to the world. 

In 2013 I  travelled with my family to Canada and  worked with a phenomenal organization, Body + Soul Fitness. I trained fantastic clients from all walks of life; I learned the business of training and advanced flexibility protocols in Fascial Stretch Therapy. In two years, I progressed from their elite level 3 trainer to become their first ever level 4 trainer. With the team, I led the recreation of a new vision for the company and implemented phase 1 as General Manager with the Leslie St. Club.

 In 2015 I returned to Ireland and began to study natural healing practices to complement Allopathic medicine. This led me to an internship in USA with Dr. Eric Serrano and a deeper appreciation of health.

I have personally experienced the power of health and I have a passion to share it with other people. Over the last 6 years, I found myself moving away from the "looks" aspect of personal training and returned to my roots as a Health Coach.  I love health coaching because I get the most satisfaction from helping people reach their health goals and then their performance goals.

Leo Ryan and Family

Health Performance: The Foundations of Life

Ultimately, when you pursue health with an unquenchable desire & make the lifestyle changes required, you can be energetic, happy, healthy, strong and supple!

You can perform at an elite level in sport, business or life (whatever your choice) for decades when you look after your body and spirit.

Changing my breath and my life has given me the foundation to take on many more physical challenges and adventures....

First I put on some muscle – 52lbs to be exact! 

Then, with renewed confidence, I returned to the judo mats. Within two years I attained a coveted black belt and came 3rd in the Irish Masters Open Championships, 2nd only to two former international level athletes.

And more recently. in 2017 I set myself the challenge of running the Dublin Marathon with no traditional training. I hadn't ran in 7 years. Crazy, I know but I wanted to put to the test the principles of Health Performance. 

With specific breath practice, precise strength and conditioning training, quality nutrition, many regeneration techniques and great support from my family I aimed to run the marathon (with my mouth taped). 

And I did it. 

I learned many lessons along the way. VO2 max testing proved interesting. Especially now I can relate breathing to energy systems. Sleep quality was a huge factor. Efficient running mechanics spared my legs. S & C built enough endurance in my legs to complete the marathon. And finally, if I ever wanted to become an elite runner, I would need to run!

Muscle Gain

Combining all this knowledge and experience together I began to really believe in the healing benefits to your body when you combine physical lifestyle practices with spiritual practices such as happiness, purpose and connection.  

Sports Performance Coaching

The Joy of New Health

Over the years I have had the thrill of seeing people discover new health. I have seen people overcome heart disease and heart arrhythmia's, reduce arthritic pain. Eliminate reflux symptoms and stabilize their thyroid function.

I’ve seen asthma vanish, weight drop disappear over time, muscle gains and fat losses.  I have witnessed people come off  all sorts of medications under medical supervision.

It's a thrill to discover the energy you had as a child, where you could go all day and still have gas left in the tank. You can achieve your dreams: you can attain the body shape you want. You can return to sport and enhance your sporting prowess. They’ve combined health with family, love and work passion. This, for me, is Health Performance.

Your Health is Your Wealth

My philosophy is simple - Your Health is Your Wealth. 

If you ignore your health in your former years, you may have to work extra hard to regain it. Take responsibility and choose health as the foundation of your life. If you have read this far you may have an interest it delving in! 

My website is quite new and I will be adding to it all the time but right now, here are some options to get you started: