4 Reasons for Warm Up Snots

Warm Up Snots

Do you find your nose pouring snot and mucus like water from a tap as soon as you begin a warm up? If this doesn’t happen you, I bet you know someone that it does happen to. Just look to your team mates, between blowing their nose and spitting constantly, the pitch turns into a […]

The 4 Domains of Breathing

athlete resting breath

For 5,000 years we have breathing practices.  Some practices are taught from the perspective of tradition, many are included in yogic practices for example. Some breathing methods form the basis of health  practices like meditation from tai chi. And more recently, some methods teach breathing for physical performance such as enduring extreme environmental temperature with […]

3 Benefits of CO2 for Your Body

CO2 Saves Lives

CO2 is bad for us, right? Scientists and doctors have told me its a “waste gas” after all. Our job in breathing is to inhale more oxygen and “get rid” of carbon dioxide. Its a toxin that’s bad for us. But is that the whole story to CO2? Is there any reason why we generate […]

The Nose Knows

human nose

Follow your gut instinct. It’s a common phrase. It means your body is telling you are on track or off it. Follow your nose is another common phrase. It has a similar meaning, but from a different perspective, using a different sense. The gut uses your intuition; the nose uses your sense of smell. Like […]

5 Aspects to the Optimal Resting Breath Wave

athlete resting breath

You have a natural breathing pattern when you are at complete rest and it is called the Optimal Resting Breath Wave. There are 5 Aspects to the Optimal Resting Breath Wave [ORBW]. It is a breath pattern that is to be felt, rather than quantified. It is low and slow. It is so silent you can hardly notice […]