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3 Benefits of CO2 for Your Body

CO2 Saves Lives

CO2 is bad for us, right? Scientists and doctors have told me its a “waste gas” after all. Our job in breathing is to inhale more oxygen and “get rid” of carbon dioxide. Its a toxin that’s bad for us. But is that the whole story to CO2? Is there any reason why we generate […]

5 Aspects to the Optimal Resting Breath Wave

athlete resting breath

You have a natural breathing pattern when you are at complete rest and it is called the Optimal Resting Breath Wave. There are 5 Aspects to the Optimal Resting Breath Wave [ORBW]. It is a breath pattern that is to be felt, rather than quantified. It is low and slow. It is so silent you can hardly notice […]

3 Ways Over-breathing is Killing You

mouth breathing woman

It sounds so silly right?After all everybody knows how to breathe. We do it all day every day of our lives. From birth to death there isn’t a day goes by where we don’t breathe, in fact, there isn’t even an hour goes by without breathing. How then, can we over-breathe and does over-breathing really […]

Does Better Breathing Improve my Life?  

Breathe Easy

It sounds so stupid because it’s so simple, right? I mean, of course I breathe right. I do it every day. It’s a subconscious act, like my heart beating,  otherwise I’d die…but  could I tell if I wasn’t breathing correctly? And does better breathing improve my life? An ancient Sanskrit Proverb says:  you can go […]

Stress is Death by 1,000 Cuts

stressed out

Stress is killing us slowly and we don’t even know it. We all know stress is bad for us. We all know it doesn’t feel nice. But did we know that it is the same thing as torture? Did we know that stress is killing us slowly and we don’t even know it? Just like […]