Clients Say…

Having worked and trained with Leo Daniel for over a year I can honestly say that he is one of the best personal trainers I have come across in twelve years of the fitness industry. He has a great passion and drive for fitness which transfers to his clients in terms of their motivation to achieve more then they taught possible!

As personal trainers go he is educated to a very high level in many different facets of health and fitness; still he continues to study and stay on the cutting edge of training and nutrition techniques. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer as I have seen first hand how he can help clients transform themselves and achieve new heights in their own health.

Alejandra - Health Coach


I had been feeling tired and without energy for a little while, lacking good sleep without an apparent reason. After researching and asking around on forums, someone suggested the Buteyko method, this person explained that people focus on training and eating well too much, but not many consider the one thing we do 24 hours a day, breathe!

It was then that I found Leo, his online coaching style and program quickly made me realize that this was the logical approach. I never even imagined that something so simple could have been the answer I was looking for. I now sleep the whole night through, feel rested in the mornings and more energized during the day.

Leo Daniel is very enthusiastic and passionate about his Breathing programme. I had always hoped there was a way to avoid taking medication – this was it. This was definitely time and money well invested.

Nick - Health Coach


For four years, I had been plagued with common allergy symptoms - rhinitis, itchy pallet and even being woken up at night with sneezing attacks. Leo Daniel took us step-by-step through the Breathing programme with personalised exercises, clearly explaining how to begin breathing through the nose again.

A week later, I felt ready to wake-up and energised to start the day each morning and by the end of the programme – no more sneezing attacks! 

Health Coaching

Renee Bienvenu

I have trained bi-weekly with Leo Daniel for two years,to put it simply it was a fun journey! Over time, assessments and diversified work-outs he enabled me to achieve my personal goals. His coaching techniques encourages his clients to focus and recognize their achievements big or small.

Impressively Leo designed a program to accommodate the fact that my left arm was in a sling due to a skating injury. I wore a harness and we carried on into a new program!

Leo is attentive to his clients needs, no matter their age or fitness level. His expertise is evident and his positive attitude is a constant reminder that fitness can be enjoyable.

Health Coaching

Brian Fitzpatrick

When I began training with Leo Daniel I was overweight and under motivated to do something about it. Not being able to run up a stairs, play footie with my young son, and all the other little things that required a bit of physical effort.

Leo helped me change my outlook by first realising what I wanted. Then setting the goals and putting together a programme of exercise and nutrition that suited me. What began as a challenge became a way of life and a very enjoyable one at that. I am off medication for blood pressure and cholesterol that my doctor said I would be on for life!

I feel ten years younger and my kids tell me I look it so that is good enough for me. Leo's strength is that he will always put his clients needs first and will work with them through motivation, encouragement and most of all getting the results you are looking for. I lost two stone but more importantly I reduced my body fat levels from 29 to 19.