Scientific Resources

​Experience is your only teacher when it comes to changing your lifestyle but sometimes people like to know how things work in order to understand it better. And so I've given you some of the many resources I've used in piecing this program together. 

These resources are by no means the full picture.

Science is always evolving. For example,  In 2018 scientists discovered a new organ in the body! Think of it, we've been dissecting the human body for hundreds of years and still we're finding new parts, Lol. 

Having said that, the science is important for understanding our practices better.   This resource list should give you enough scientific knowledge to dive deep into the foundations of breathing, should you want to.

Please don't feel like you have to read any of these papers. 

Practice the exercises.
Get to know your breath once more & Feel the difference to your life.
This is the key to health.

Breathing Physiology

Breathing Biomechanics

Breathing Books